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Assembly Line Development

Assembly Lines

Adept Engineers have conceptualized, designed and developed multi station Assembly lines. Both types of Conveyor based and stand alone Station based Assembly Lines have been developed.

Features of Assembly Lines –

  • Modular in Nature.
  • Stations interchanged and new addition is easy.
  • Poka Yoke and part Validation at each station.
  • Key factors like Operator fatigue and Cycle time taken in to design consideration.
  • Adequate Safety features like light curtains, surge protectors, Covers etc. are provided for ever hazardous operations.

We have developed Assembly Lines for the following Auto Components –

  • Gear Cable Assembly Line
  • Parking Brake Cable Assembly Lines
  • Window Regulator (Power & Manual) Assembly Line
  • 2 Wheeler Clutch Assembly Line.
Mechanical Cable Assembly Line

Mechanical Cable Assembly Line

Window Regulator Assembly Line

Window Regulator Assembly Line